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Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

At Somerset County Technical High School:

We believe that a high level of vocational, consumer, and economic competency is required for full participation in our society and that a career and technology education program is of vital importance to the citizens, employees and students of Somerset County.


We believe that providing students with the necessary skills and training of entry-level employment will help the community expand its economic base and up-grade its employment force.


We believe that in order for career and technology education to be successful, there must be community and parent involvement in the planning and administration of the program.


We believe that students should be taught such skills as responsibility, proper work habits, cooperation and independence.


We believe in the importance of academic, social and civic skills in successfully adjusting to the world of work.


We believe training should be provided that covers a wide range of skills and is commensurate with the needs, interests, and capabilities of our students.


We believe that an essential element of any educational program is the development of a good rapport between teacher and student and that this can best be attained through the promotion of mutual understanding and respect.


Finally, we believe in the value and dignity of all work, and the value and integrity of all individuals. To this end, we attempt to provide for all students an education that will enable them to achieve the highest

possible level of success, whether in an institution of higher learning or in the world of work.